India: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organizes Peace Symposium as a part of the 12th Global Youth Peace Festival 2017 program

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Ever Merciful

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A Nation cannot be reformed without first reforming its Youth

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community explores Youth Responsibility to Promote Global Peace in the 12th Global Youth Peace Festival 2017


On 29th September 2017, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India (AMJ) organized a Peace Symposium as a part of the 12th Global Youth Peace Festival 2017 programs. This Symposium comprised of more than 150 International Delegates from more than 30 countries, who came to participate in the GYPF 2017.


Shiraz Ahmad, Additional Chief Executive of AMJ India said that:
“The world today is passing through very turbulent times. Being a Global community and a purely Islamic organization with its firm objective to establish Global peace, we consider our first & foremost duty to guide the world towards peace. Because Islam is a religion of peace and the very meaning of Islam is peace & harmony. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community present the Pure & Pristine teachings of Islam and also strive hard to remove the misconceptions prevailed about Islam.”


Tariq Ahmad, the community’s spokesperson said that:
“The community had the privilege to host the International guests of GYPF. The community also conducts peace symposiums throughout the world. The aim of the event is to achieve the larger goal of attaining Peace in society by bringing people from diverse walks of life together and provide them a forum to exchange ideas and experiences.”

In this session the Ahmadiyya Scholars explored the responsibilities of Youth in promoting Global Peace & harmony. Which was then followed by a short documentary which introduced the community and its Global efforts to promote peace and harmony. The documentary also covered the guidance of the Khalifa of Islam, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in which His Holiness emphasized the integral role of the youth in promoting Global peace and harmony and in the development and reformation of the society and nation. Global Issues like Peace in an Unrest World, How to tackle extremism & radicalization, Youth moralization, Global Conflicts and the need for Absolute Justice, Refugee Crisis, Pluralism and tolerance, Women Empowerment etc were discussed. Before the conclusion of the event a question & answer session was also held that promoted a deeper understanding of the peaceful teachings of Islam.

In the Documentary Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Said that: “It was imperative that
every youth sought to always display the highest standards of honesty, integrity and moral virtue. If you are able to improve and reform yourself it will not only benefit you, but it will also be a means of serving your nation and the society in which you live… Most importantly the world must realise that it has forgotten its creator and they must come back to Him.

Only when this happens can true peace be established and without this there can be no
guarantee of peace.”

Hussam Ahmad, the Speaker of the event said that: “The purpose of Islam is to teach man the ways of attaining peace, both with himself and with his Creator. Under Divine direction, over 1,400 years ago, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace & Blessings of Allah be upon him), the Holy Founder of Islam, began the process of delivering this message to humanity.

K. Tariq Ahmad (Ahmadiyya Spokesperson)
Contact: 9988757988

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