Trump’s first UN speech met with criticism from some leaders

Source: BBC News

Donald Trump’s first major speech at the United Nations has been denounced by some of the member nations he singled out for criticism.

The US president included Iran among “a small group of rogue regimes”, and said the US would “totally destroy” North Korea if forced to do so.

Iran’s foreign minister said: “Trump’s ignorant hate speech belongs in medieval times”, and not the UN.

North Korea has yet to respond to the president’s threat of destruction.

Mr Trump’s speech laid out a vision for a world filled with sovereign states which worked for the betterment of their citizens – but he spent large portions targeting what he called “rogue nations” which are “the scourge of our planet today”.

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  1. No word about why the US is actively destabilizing nations by flooding it with arms and ammunition. Libya is an excellent ‘example’. If it was only to remove Ghaddafi no such flood of arms was necessary. A ‘Noriega’ style intervention would have done it.

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