Australia same-sex marriage vote: PM comes out for Yes

Source: BBC News

Australian political leaders, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, have come out in support of a campaign for same-sex marriage.

More than 20,000 people gathered in Sydney to campaign ahead of a non-binding postal vote on changing Australia’s marriage act.

Mr Turnbull made a surprise appearance and speech at the launch of the New South Wales Yes campaign.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten then addressed the crowd at the main rally.

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  1. Well, the thought did arise that if God has punished the (small) cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of ‘such activities’ what will be his action when ‘same sex marriage’ is being permitted world-wide? (just wondering…)

    • @ Rafiq, Allah has said in Al Quran that their sin is not your responsibility and your sin is not other redpondibility
      It is very very clear that we are all sinner, please try to purify your self instead of you see other sin!

      We can remind people but we can not impose others
      not to do! Do you agree that?
      Islam is peaceful religion if we do not impose our religion to others.

      From my view, you are sinner too, do not you believe that?
      I can tell you if you want me to tell your sin here!

  2. Nature often gets it wrong. Not all the fruit on trees is perfect, and so it is with humans. Homosexuality is a condition, they cannot help that they were born that way, and so long as they don’t hurt anyone, let them be and treat them as one would all others. We are progressing beyond persecution and punishment, because we are more enlightened about such matters, and we accept that what people do in their private lives is none of our business. In this (the UK) and some other countries provisions have been made that same-sex couples are given the same rights in law as heterosexual couples, which seems fair. Although I’m a traditionalist in that I’m not in favour of same-sex marriage or the raising of children in such relationships, even though many make a good job of it. Still I would not persecute such people, any more than a person with any medical condition deserves to be persecuted. That belongs to a primitive mind-set. So long as they are otherwise decent human beings, who are we to judge?

    • @ Renate, I agree 100 percent your though, we hope strongly Ahmadiyyah Muslims promote Peaceful Islam, do not judge, insult and punish Homosexual couple, let God judge later, we are all sinner in this world.

    • Progressive Muslims do not implement the ancient Islamic law anymore, Muslims need reformation according the progress science and technology
      Unfortunately Ahmadiyyah, Saudi, Iran and Extremist ISIS STILL uphold the ancient Islamic law, very sad indeed
      So as long as Saudi and Iran do not want to reform the ancient Syariah laws, I strongly believe that Muslims around the world can not live peacefully with others faith.
      Because the root of conflic are written in the book of Hadith ( Arab tradition law) . It said punish or kill infidel, gay lesbian, blaspher etc etc

      I urge strongly Ahmadiyyah who live in western countries to reform ancien laws as our brother Christians did.
      All love

  3. Somi is getting a bit tiring. Where did any Ahmadiyya Imam say that homosexuals should be killed? or punished in any way? (and by now you should know that our teaching is totally opposed to what ISIS etc. says).

    • Yes, I never read Ahmadiyyah Imam say; punish or kill Homosexual … also I never read Ahmadiyyah Imam reject ancient Islamic law relate to Homosexuality

      I think that Ahmadiyyah Imam still follow ancient Islamic law such as;
      1. Punish or kill Homosexual
      2. Punish or kill Blasphemer , Apostate ect

      So as long as Ahmadiyyah Imams never reject these laws, I think Ahmadiyyah Imam agree it.

      @ Rafiq, can you explain clearly where Ahmadiyyah stand for?

      • Somi: Again: Ahmadiyya Imams never support punishing or killing homosexuals or blasphemers or apostates. These are all things which Allah will judge in due time (like he judges everything else).

    • @ Rafig. I know very well that Ahmadiyyah Muslim promote Religion of peace. And reject violence.

      If you reject violence, you have to reject the Ancient Islamic laws that Prophet Muhammad commanded Muslim to kill or punish infidel, homosexual and blasphemer.

      It seems to me that Ahmadiyyah Imams still accept the violent commandment as above. Very sad..

  4. I largely agree with you, Somi Tempo. The world does not stand still, and periodic reform is necessary. There are many traditions which were once considered normal, and many still are, which more educated societies now reject. Fortunately there are also many progressive thinkers in Islam, although it’s a slow journey.

    • Thank you a nice words.
      I would like to ask you, let us work together to convince Ahmadiyyah Muslims to reform violent Hadith and others

      Most Ahmadiyyah Muslims live in majority Christian Countries, live in modern society peacefully, they can live peacefully in Islamic countries… but they still follow ancient Arab tradition who live in desert. It is very sad.

      Let us pray to God who the one can open people’s heart to the truth of Islam. The truth of Islam is the progressive Islam who can live with other faith peacefully.
      All love

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