How to Deal With a Narcissistic Boss

Source: Real Simple

August 31, 2017

Narcissistic boss

Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

If you’ve had more than a few bosses in your career, you’ve likely had at least one stinker. There are cranky bosses, lazy bosses, spiteful bosses, indifferent bosses and sometimes straight-up dimwit bosses.

None of them, however, touch the special torment that is the narcissistic boss. If you’ve had one, you know that pain; if you haven’t had one, you never want to know it. Narcissistic bosses are the bullies and the credit-grabbers; the charismatic mentors who suddenly turn into despots; the impulsive deal-makers—drunk on the genius of their own grand schemes—who take over a functioning company and leave an over-leveraged wreck behind.

They’re the ones who are certain they know more than their accountants (but they don’t), who are convinced they can read markets better than all of their competitors (but they can’t), who will ultimately be fired and frog-marched out the door, screaming all the while that the fools who surround them simply don’t understand their genius.

Here are four signs that you’re working for a narcissist and some ways to protect yourself.

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