Women-only train carriages: Keeping women ‘safe’ by separating them from men is Handmaid’s Tale territory

Acouple of years ago, I was ‘goosed’ on my way to work. A man stood behind me on the tube and firmly pressed his groin into my backside, leaving it there for an uncomfortably long time. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. It still makes me shudder to remember now.

Friends have seen men masturbating on trains, been groped on the busor grabbed and pulled into stranger’s laps, as they try to sir down. And they are the ones who feel able to talk about it – many women (for it is mostly women) are too mortified or humiliated.

According to the British Transport Police, 70 per cent of offences reported to it are sexual assaults on women, 20 per cent are ‘outraging public decency’ (masturbation), six per cent are ‘exposure’ and two per cent are assaults on men. Yet, 90 per cent of all the sexual assaults on public transport go entirely unreported.

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