With Steve Bannon out of the White House the military is now firmly in charge of Afghan policy

Breitbart, with Bannon once again running it, is already openly deriding Trump with one piece headlined ‘His McMaster’s Voice: Is Trump’s Afghanistan policy that different from Obama’s?’  

The sending of more troops to Afghanistan by Donald Trump was not, in the end, unexpected. It was, however, a decision of significance showing that the military commanders have won a highly important battle in the White House. A concerted attempt to privatise America’s wars has been seen off and the vestiges of Steve Bannon’s shaping of foreign policy have been swept away.

Trump now has a different stance on Afghanistan than before, but that is hardly surprising in someone who has changed his position on so many issues. What has unfolded does, however, reinforce the lesson that no president will find it easy to abandon the longest war in American history.

MORE:   http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/donald-trump-afghanistan-steve-bannon-foreign-policy-military-in-charge-a7907106.html

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