Women in small Muslim sect say they have had FGM in Canada

Source: The Star


Women from a small Muslim sect called the Dawoodi Bohras have reported that female genital mutilation has been performed on them in Canada, a study given to the federal government reveals.

The first research of its kind to probe the practice within this tightly knit South Asian community, the study found that 80 per cent of Bohra women surveyed have undergone FGM and two of the study’s 18 Canadian participants said it happened within Canada’s borders.

In Canada, FGM was added to the Criminal Code under aggravated assault in 1997. The study does not provide additional information on the two cases it uncovered.

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  1. As both a sexual and reproductive health rights advocate at one of the world’s largest NGOs, and as a young Muslim woman, I can attest to the fact that FGM is not Islamic in any way, shape, or form. Nowhere in religious scripture or teaching is it stated for females to be circumcised – the practice is extremely harmful and dangerous.

  2. The practice may well not be Islamic in origin, Durdana Choudry, but has never the less been adopted and is practised by many Muslim communities, much the same as the hijab and burka, and no doubt those people will come up with similar arguments, although no longer acceptable in a modern world, along with footbinding, and cutting marks into faces, etc. I would also include male circumcision.

    • Renate Choudhry, while hijab is there in the Qur’an, FGM is not. Please, read the Qur’an before commenting,..

      Also, this community (I am an ex-member, so I know what I am talking about), claims, at least its leadership does, that this is part of Islam. Since, most of the community is highly ignorant of what Islam actually is and relies on the mullahs and their leadership to tell them what to do and what not, it’s a highly losing battle to stop it!

      There is also the matter of the leaders in the community using blackmail tactics to get the members to tow the line by using ex-communication as a sword of democles hanging over their heads.

      If a member is brave enough to rebel, not only the rebel, but the whole family will start suffering from ex-communication till a public apology is given.

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