Indian woman ‘boycotted’ over support to Dalit farmer

Source: BBC

An Indian woman in the southern state of Telangana says she is being “socially ostracised” because she supported a farmer from the Dalit (formerly untouchable) community.Sama Indira, 50, from the upper caste Reddys, says her community association has imposed a fine of 5,000 rupees ($78; £60) on anyone who talks to her.Police said the dispute was about land she had leased to a Dalit farmer.Caste-based discrimination continues to take place in parts of India.The Indian caste system divides Hindus into four hierarchical groups. Those outside the caste system are considered “untouchable”.For centuries caste determined every aspect of your religious and social life, but India’s constitution now bans discrimination on the basis of caste.



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