Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chicago conducts Spiritual Fitness Camp at Masjid Baitul Jaamay in Glen Ellyn, IL

Spiritual Fitness Camp 2017

Report by Dr. Iftekhar Ahmad, Chicago

“Ahmadiyya Muslim youth are a great asset for the community and our all progress is under the banner of Khilafat ” – Said Imam Shamshad.



The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chicago NW/SW conducted a Spiritual Fitness Camp on August 4th-6th at Masjid Baitul Jaamay in Glen Ellyn, IL under the supervision of Imam Shamshad Nasir. It was done under the department of Tarbiyyat ( Spiritual Training) and moral training of which Iftekhar Ahmad and Ismael Anani were organizers.

This camp was designed for boys and girls ages 7-18 with a focus on five times daily congregational prayer, Islamic customs, Islamic history included Blessings of Caliphate and other various Islamic teachings. It was taught by local members of the congregation. The goals of the camp included increasing the knowledge of the participants but also to have them discuss issues that are pertinent to them in today’s society.


There were a total of 53 participants in the camp with many of them staying at the mosque for the entire duration and practically learned Islam ideology.

Daily prayers were done in congregation including both Tahajjud (pre-dawn) and Fajr (morning) prayers. Some of the topics discussed included Islamic customs after someone passes away, how to correctly perform ablution before prayer, the importance of Khilafat, the importance of the separation of men and women in gatherings, modesty, importance of keeping the mosque clean, peer pressure, prohibition of drugs and alcohol in Islam and respect of parents/elders.


Throughout the camp and at the end of each day there was a question answer session with Imam Shamshad which was extremely valuable to the attendees. It allowed for the boys and girls to ask questions which they may not have been comfortable to ask in a gathering with many adults. It also brought them closer to the Imam providing a good foundation for friendship.

At the conclusion of the camp many of the attendees made a computer presentation on an assigned topic. They worked on this presentation throughout the weekend and used some of the information they learned. There was a final prayer prior to the adjournment of the camp followed by cleaning of the mosque by the participants. All the attendees enjoyed the camp which fostered brotherhood and sisterhood.

Contact Imam Shamshad Nasir
Masjid Bait-ul-Jaamay
2 S 510 IL Rte 53 | Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 630-790-4100 | Fax: 630-793-4100
Email: shamshadanasir@gmail.com

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