George Town Church Invites Imam Aizaz Khan of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community for Interfaith Dialogue

Source: | By Kayla Young

During a recent vacation to the Cayman Islands, Toronto-based imam Aizaz Khan of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community found himself sitting in on a celebration of the Christian faith.

After a church in George Town heard Mr. Khan was organizing interfaith dialogues, the congregation reached out and invited him to an anniversary celebration.

“I was happy to join in this happy occasion with them. What I saw during their congregation were teachings like, don’t lie, don’t steal, increase brotherhood in the church, be a peaceful human being,” Mr. Khan said. “I was speaking to them later on and telling them that if we actually look at our two religions, we can find more in common than we can find differences.”

Interactions like these are what Mr. Khan said he will remember about Cayman and his work to launch an educational initiative here called “Coffee and Islam.” Rather than harbor ill feelings about anti-Muslim rhetoric he encountered in person and on social media while on island, he said he is inspired to work harder at building bridges between communities.

While Mr. Khan has already returned to his home in Toronto, he said the door remains open for Caymanians to meet with local Muslims about their faith and culture.

“Although there are … read more at source mentioned above.

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