Month: June 2017


Source: Dawn All this supports Comey’s assertion that he was dismissed because he was investigating charges that “the Russians interfered in our elections” against Hillary Clinton and in favour of Trump. That web of ‘the Russian connection’ between Trump’s associates during and after the election campaign is for the recently […]

Canada: Anti-Muslim Hate Groups Plan to March in the Toronto Pride Parade

Far-right groups have invited the Jewish Defence League to join them in marching in the Toronto Pride parade on Sunday, carrying Islamophobic signs and “severed heads,” according to a public video posted on Facebook. The video, posted to the personal Facebook page of the leader of the JDL’s Toronto chapter, Meir HaLevi (also known […]

Saudi Arabia deports Qatari camels

Source: At least 12,000 Qatari-owned camels and sheep have been ordered out of Saudi Arabia as both sides in the Persian Gulf diplomatic crisis refuse to back down. Temporary shelters, water and food have been set up for 7,000 camels and 5,000 sheep forced to trek back to the […]

Austria to shut Islamic Kindergartens

Source: Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has called for the shutting down of Islamic kindergartens in the country. The comment was made at a public event set up by Kurier newspaper. “Of course, we don’t need them. There should be no Islamic kindergartens,” Kurz said when asked whether he […]