A hike across Switzerland to promote integration


MAY 30, 2017 – 17:00

Hamid and Mohammed from Afghanistan have been described as Switzerland’s most famous asylum seekers because they are hiking across the country.

They are journeying across Switzerland on foot as part of their attempt to integrate in their host country, and to make good use of their time while they are awaiting a decision on their asylum applications as they are not allowed to work.

Hamid Jasfari and Mohammed Rasuli are both 26 years old and ethnic Hazaras. They fled war in their country in 2015. Hamid is a trained builder and Mohammed was a maths teacher in his native Afghanistan. They are based at asylum centres in canton Aargau and met playing football.

As both are sporty and undertook much of their 7000- kilometre (4350-mile) journey from Afghanistan to Switzerland on foot, the prospect of hiking 30 kilometres per day was not too daunting. Their mission is to get to know their host country and its inhabitants, and represent asylum seekers in a positive way.

Their accommodation was organised through a social media campaign. Even before the walk started, they received gifts to help them on their way. But the local authorities were not so happy about the idea, and imposed conditions. (SRF, swissinfo.chexternal link)

SOURCE:   http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/part-1_a-hike-across-switzerland-to-promote-integration/43219940

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