Indonesia: Depok Ahmadiyya Community Confesses of Being Persecuted by Mayor


DEPOK, NETRALNEWS.COM – Depok Ahmadiyya Community associated in the Indonesia Ahmadiyya Community (JAI) will take legal action related to the forced closure of Depok Al-Hidayah Mosque which takes place on Saturday to Sunday, June 3-4, in the morning.

Secretary of External Relations of JAI Kandali Achmad Lubis stated that his party will take legal path related to the forced closing of Ahmadiyya Mosque in Depok by Depok City Government. “We are going to take legal action, it seems to be the forcible sealing for the seventh time,” Kandali said.

He said he was deeply concerned about the incident in the midst of an incessant effort to respect diversity on the anniversary of Pancasila, but on the other side there is still discrimination against the children of the nation in their own place of worship. “We are sorry. What is wrong with us? The Right to Build is mosque, why is it sealed? Here, there is still discrimination of the nation’s children,” said Kandali, Sunday (06/04/2017)

Kandali said the sealing or forcible closure for the seventh time of Al Hidayah Mosque took place on Saturday at 10 am and ended Sunday at 02 am.

“Our behavior is not distorted right? We never screamed kill people. Our motto is Love for All Hatred for None,” said Kandali.

The party considered Depok Mayor through the Civil Service Police Unit of Depok City persecuting Ahmadiyya Muslims community by forcibly closing the mosque run by the Ahmadiyya community in Sawangan, Depok, and banning its own citizens, the Ahmadiyya Community of Depok to perform worship activities. (*)

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