Ramadan profiles: Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, the Prophet’s closest companion

We begin with taking a glimpse at the unique relationship between Prophet Mohammed and his companion Abu Bakr As-Siddiq. (Screengrab: YouTube)

During the month of Ramadan, Al Arabiya English is publishing a series of profiles on prominent historical figures in Islam.

We begin with taking a glimpse at the unique relationship between Prophet Mohammed and his companion Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, in what Muslims regard as a symbolic lesson in friendship.

‘The First’

His name was Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafa, and Abu Bakr was his patronymic name. He was born into a reasonably well off family and established himself as a successful trader. He was known to be obliging and upright in nature.

It is understood from sayings of the prophet and Islamic history that Abu Bakr was the first man to accept Islam and believe in the prophecy of Mohammed. It is said that Abu Bakr is two years younger than the prophet. They reportedly knew each other when the prophet was married to his first wife Khadijah, and Abu Bakr was their neighbor.

Aishah, Abu Bakr’s daughter and who became the prophet’s wife after the death of Khadeejah, narrated that her father was frequently visited by the prophet, and enjoyed a strong friendship.

‘The Truthful’

It is said that Abu Bakr received the title of “As-Siddiq” (The Truthful) following the prophet’s midnight journey to Jerusalem. When people mocked the prophet’s trip to Palestine, Abu Bakr was keen on corroborating his friend.

It is narrated that people came to Abu Bakr and said, “Your friend is saying unbelievable things. He said he went to Jerusalem during the night and ascended to the heavens.” Abu Bakr asked, “Is he saying it?” When the reply was “Yes,” Abu Bakr said, “If he is saying it, then it’s true.”

Companion during Hijra

When the pressure upon Muslims in Makkah intensified, the prophet allowed Muslims to migrate to protect lives and allow them to practice their faith with no harm. The first batch immigrated to the Christian land of Abyssinia. But when a greater migration was needed, all eyes turned to Madinah.

Many of the prophet’s companions began the journey to Madinah, with hopes to establish a center for the Islamic faith. Abu Bakr, who also wanted to embark on the journey, was keen on asking the prophet’s permission to travel, to which he constantly replied: “Wait a little. Maybe Allah will give you a companion.”

MORE:   http://english.alarabiya.net/en/features/2017/05/27/Ramadan-profiles-Abu-Bakr-As-Siddiq-the-Prophet-s-closest-companion-.html

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