Ups and downs in Far East foreshadowing another world war

According to a British newspaper, people are increasingly interested in acquiring nuclear bomb shelters to install in their homes. If ordinary people are interested in spending money on such a thing, they are probably thinking that a war is approaching. They must imagine that even a nuclear war is likely in the foreseeable future. I don’t know, however, why Britons are more interested in shelters than other people. Maybe British politicians know more about where the world is headed to and perhaps they are informing their constituencies.

Pope Francis was in Egypt last weekend, and while preaching during a mass, he said the world needs to find mediators immediately in order to calm the U.S. and North Korea down. It was interesting that the Pope, while in Egypt, preferred to speak about the Far East rather than the Middle East. Probably he thinks that a nuclear war is quite possible too. He may be better informed than most of us about world affairs, anyway.

If a third world war was to begin, it would probably break out in East Asia, and probably would be started by North Korea. It is an irrational and unpredictable country, so it may very well launch missiles at Japan or at the U.S. bases in the region. No one would be surprised if the North Korean leader suddenly orders his troops to invade South Korea either. He can start by trying to destroy the THAAD missile defense system that the Americans are installing in the Korean peninsula.


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