President Trump Asked for Border Wall Plans. This Group Suggested a Hyperloop Instead

Source: Time

Apr 11, 2017

When the deadline came for submissions to build President Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border earlier this month, many went for a straightforward design.

But not every plan is as straightforward. Some took the design process as a chance to express outlandish ideas (a 100-foot trench filled with nuclear waste), troll the President or just put forward their own utopian visions of how the border could work.

Calling themselves the MADE collective, one group of 14 engineers, architects, ecologists, urban planners based in the U.S. and Mexico submitted a plan that’s basically the opposite from a “big, beautiful wall” entirely.

The group proposed a shared territory between the U.S. and Mexico that would allow people and goods to flow freely between the two countries. A hyperloop — a type of mass transit that achieves super-fast speeds using low-pressure tubes — would stretch from San Diego/Tijuana, across the southwestern region to the Texas/Mexico border—connecting the cities that would form the new, independent Otra Nation. Commissioners from the area would be elected to represent the Otra Nation within the U.S. and Mexican government. Ninety thousand square kilometers of solar panels would allow the territory to create its own energy.

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