London attack inquiry focuses on radicalization of perpetrator


London Eye at night

London (CNN) Police investigating the deadly terrorist attack in central London are focusing closely on how the perpetrator became radicalized, as they battle to piece together his identity and connections.

Britain’s most senior counter-terror police officer, Mark Rowley, described the inquiry as “very large and fast-paced”, and announced two “significant arrests” Friday. Hundreds of officers had made contact with thousands of witnesses, he said.
Police have said that the attacker, 52-year-old British man Khalid Masood, had mutliple aliases. Rowley said he was born Adrian Russell Ajao.

Asked about his possible conversion to Islam and subsequent radicalization, Rowley said: “Clearly that’s the main line of our investigation, is what led him to be radicalized, was it through influences in a community, influences from overseas, or through online propaganda.”

He appealed for anyone who knew Masood well or was aware of his recent movements to get in touch, as detectives probe his motivation, his preparation for the attack and his associates.

Nine people remain in custody and one woman has been released on bail, Rowley said.

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