Watch the New York City Women’s Day March in 360°

Source: Time

11:02 AM PKT

“Today, today is for the indigenous women. Today is for the black women. Today is for the Asian women and the Latina women,” writer and poet Jamara Mychelle Wakefield declared in front of a large crowd gathered in New York City’s Washington Square Park Wednesday. On March 8, as the world commemorated International Women’s Day, a group of New York activists and community organizers led a rally and a march through the city. An array of speakers addressed topics ranging from President Trump’s travel ban to Kurdistan’s female fighters. Then protesters took to the streets on the chilly March evening. Their route led them from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, the site of a devastating industrial accident in 1911, to the historic Stonewall Inn, to the Trump Soho hotel, and ended in Zuccotti Park.

This 360 video places the viewers in the rally and the streets alongside the protesters.

To view this video on your mobile device, download the latest version of the YouTube mobile app. If you already have the YouTube mobile app, click this link to open the video. When using YouTube 360°, you can watch the footage from any point of view. Simply, drag your finger on your screen or move your phone in any pattern.

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