‘An abominable crime’: investigation underway into toppled headstones at Jewish cemetery

Source: Philly.com

By Stephanie Farr & Jason Laughlin – Staff Writers

Millard Braunstein has weathered a lot in his 89 years, but when he walked the grounds of Mount Carmel Jewish cemetery Monday morning and saw his mother’s tombstone was among more than 100 that were vandalized overnight Saturday, he could not stop the tears.

“I’m so upset,” he said. “This is such a terrible thing.”

Braunstein of Cherry Hill, N.J., said he had to come and see the damage for himself, and for his older sister, who is no longer able to travel.

“Yesterday was my sister’s 97th birthdays and this was her birthday present,” he said, pointing to the toppled headstone.

A steady stream of mourners came into the cemetery Monday looking to see if their loved one’s tomb was among those desecrated, while volunteers offered assistance and officials thought through the best ways to fix the damage.

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