They Escaped The Holocaust As Children. Now They Have A Message For Trump.

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“Keep the doors open,” Kindertransport survivors warn.

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Jewish Holocaust survivors who fled Nazi Germany and other countries as children have a request for President Donald Trump: “Keep the doors open to refugees.”

In a letter to Trump released Monday, more than 200 family members and survivors of the Kindertransport ― a program that sent around 10,000 Jewish child refugees to Britain from Nazi Germany and other European nations ― urged Trump to continue to resettle refugees, especially children, in America.


The letter, from nonprofit The Kindertransport Association, comes just a few weeks after Trump signed an executive order banning Syrian refugees from the U.S. indefinitely and halting the resettlement of refugees from other countries for at least four months. Though the order is now mired in political and legal challenges, Trump said Thursday that he plans to issue a new order in its place.

“We want to bring our personal experience to bear on what we see as a building crisis,” Melissa Hacker, president of The Kindertransport Association, told The Huffington Post.

For Hacker, the issue is personal: Her mother escaped from Austria to Britain in 1939 through the Kindertransport program, she said.


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