How drug development is speeding up in the cloud

Source: BBC

  • 21 February 2017
Generic drugsImage copyrightTHINKSTOCK
Image captionDeveloping new drugs to fight major diseases can take years and cost billions of dollars

Developing a drug from a promising molecule to a potential life-saver can take more than a decade and cost billions of dollars.

Speeding this process up – without compromising on safety or efficacy – would seem to be in everyone’s interests.

And cloud computing is helping to do just that.

“Cloud platforms are globally accessible and easily available,” says Kevin Julian, managing director at Accenture Life Sciences, Accelerated R&D Services division.

“This allows for real-time collection of data from around the world, providing better access to data from inside life sciences companies, as well as from the many partners they work with in the drug development process.”

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