How I Handled My Fear Of Muslims

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BY Jenée Fowler 

It’s not easy for everyone. Some people simply haven’t experienced cultures outside their own. America is a bubble, a place where we’ve been told to stay comfortable and be complacent.

Within that bubble are even smaller spheres of influence, where opinions echo and roar unchecked.

Where I come from is no exception. A place where segregation was still casually enforced as late as 2002 (on record) and the KKK still actively recruits using radio and billboard ads.

Even in high school I couldn’t have told you the difference between a Sikh and a member of Al-Qaeda.

I wasn’t really sure where the Middle East was or who Saddam Hussain was, but I understood that they were a threat to America.

I was not raised in a politically correct America.

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  1. Who is responsible ? Perhaps some Muslim organizations or misunderstanding or press & media which ignore the goodness . I understand that all are equally responsible . Islam is a religion and a true religion never recommends terrorism . The barbaric act of a handful people must not be linked with the religion . Muslims have more responsibility . They must reject those people and that ideology which opens the door for violence . Renaissance of Islam does not need that Massih or Mahdi who would kill all those who don’t accept Islam . The real reason behind the Muslim terrorism , as I understand , is this ideology . It is this ideology which misguides some Muslim youth . The word ” kafir ” is not a abuse and no one has been given license to kill those who are not Muslim . If we accept that Isa and Mahdi would make ” kafir- free world ” , what is wrong if some one are trying to make ” Muslim- free USA ” ? When the holy Quran says ” your religion is for you , mine is for me ” , it opens the door of acceptance and tolerance . When the holy Quran says ” there is no compulsion in the matter of faith ‘ , how can Isa threats a kafir to become a Muslim otherwise will be killed ? When the holy Quran says ” murder of one innocent is like the murder of entire mankind , how can it allow Isa for the killing of those who don’t accept Islam ? If all those who want that no one raise finger on Islam and teaching of Islam , will have to reject this ideology and will have to accept ” Love for All , Hatred for None ” .

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