Attack on Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem

Jan 10,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Hasan Abu Nimah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s instant reaction to the Palestinian attack last Sunday on Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was to attribute the attack to a Daesh terrorist, much like what had happened earlier in Nice and Berlin.

While the judgment was indeed hasty and made in the absence of any input from the attacker, who was shot dead on the spot, or any statement by Daesh, claiming responsibility, Netanyahu’s verdict could prove to be correct, but will require an investigation, which will take some time.

Judging from past cases, Daesh does claim responsibility for acts it did not commit, as that aids its propaganda of horror.

Any such claim may play well for Netanyahu, whose verdict is also meant to serve his own distracting propaganda tactics.

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What has happened in Palestine since the Catastrophe of 1948 is not an occupation; it has been a scheme to replace the rightful owners of the land, the Palestinians, with Jewish settlers, in fulfilment of the Zionist plan to make of Palestine, “the land without a people”, a national home for Jews.

Seventy-eight per cent of the land of Palestine was occupied, and almost ethnically cleansed of its original Arab inhabitants by Jewish forces in the war of 1947-1948.

The remaining Palestinian lands, the so-called West Bank with East Jerusalem and Gaza, were occupied in June 1967 and were instantly subjected to a massive scheme of colonisation, going on up to this very hour.

That involved constant removal of Palestinians from their homes, private land confiscation, displacement of entire Palestinian communities, house demolitions, massive building of Jewish settlements all over the West Bank and Jerusalem, and unprecedented suppression of any Palestinian protest in response, even if purely peaceful.

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Violence and its tragic consequences should never be rejoiced over.

Violence, even when justified, is not a virtue and that applies to all wars, even when endorsed by UN resolutions.

And yet, as history has been teaching us, no amount of condemnation, whether in the past or in the present, has helped reduce violence and end devastating conflicts.

In fact, deadly conflicts are becoming more vicious and steadily on the rise.

UN-approved wars are a shameful testimony to the organisation’s failure to implement its own Charter to resolve international conflicts by peaceful means.

The question of Palestine is a striking example.

Israel may continue to deny the reality of the occupation and it may find supporters, but occupation means violence and death.

Israel’s relentless and reckless endeavour to conduct a violence-free occupation did not work in the past and is not going to work ever.

The Jerusalem attack is just another reminder that the Palestinians are not to submit to eternal humiliation, no matter the price, and Israel therefore has to make a choice: either peace or occupation and its consequences.


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