I fell for a man from a different sect!

Source: ET

I am a woman who fell for a man from a different sect. When we both met, we liked each other and felt we had so much in common. While I studied and he worked, we remained each other’s support and drew closer as we could easily figure out when the other was upset or sad. Everything was going smooth; he proposed to me and I said yes. But one day I told him I don’t believe in sectarianism and that I am against this concept of religious division. I told him I have fights with my family over this issue as I believe I am only Muslim and not Sunni, Shia or anything else and that I follow the Holy Quran and authentic hadith. He asked me which sect my family belongs to and though I didn’t want to tell him because it doesn’t matter to me, I told him my family was Shia.


Categories: Asia, Pakistan

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