General Raheel Sharif should reconsider commanding the ‘Islamic military alliance’

this would not only be a very risky undertaking militarily but a fiasco in the political sense for Pakistan at least

The media is agog with the news of General Raheel Sharif’s likely appointment as the Commander of the 39 nation Islamic Military Alliance ostensibly being created to fight terrorism, at the behest of the ambitious and aggressive Saudi Defence Minister and son of the King, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman al-Saud.

Keeping in view the Saudi led war against Houthis in Yemen and obvious demonization of Iran as being behind them in order to spread her influence in the Middle East, to the obvious exclusion of Iran, Iraq and Syria from this Islamic Military Alliance , this move is drawing mixed reactions from various quarters.

Obviously, those who favour Saudi Arabia and criticize Iran on the basis of their sectarian bias are seen congratulating the General while those who feel otherwise are clearly expressing their displeasure.

On the other hand, those among the Muslim Intelligentsia who desire the Muslim World to come together in this fight against terrorism, and also support the need for these two very important countries to mend their fences for the sake of peace, friendship and prosperity of the Muslim World, are uneasy about the Saudi-Iran tensions. They are either skeptical of things going from bad to worse vis-a-vis Pakistan’s relations with Iran or expect something good to come out of this decision believing in General Raheel Sharif’s abilities sense in bridging this unfortunate Saudi-Iran divide.



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  1. As Saudi Arabia is behind this alliance it will in fact create terrorists, not eliminate them.

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