Hope for a better UN


Antonio Guterres, the new secretary general of the United Nations who replaced Ban Ki-moon, assumed his post on January 1 with a pledge to overhaul the world body.

Guterres is aware that there is widespread scepticism and cynicism about the UN, and that much work needs to be done to win confidence in this international organisation.

Before beginning his first day of work at UN headquarters in New York, he addressed staff and diplomats, warning that the UN faces “very challenging times” and warning that he is not a “miracle maker” and cannot, on his own, transform this 193-nation organisation into a more dynamic and effective world body.

“We should have no illusions” about what awaits the UN in the future, he cautioned.

“We see everywhere in the world conflicts that multiply and are interlinked and have triggered this new phenomenon of global terrorism,” he said, adding: “We still fail in the prevention of conflicts and conflict resolution.”

One such conflicts being Syria.

The UN is up against quite much derision about its lack of effectiveness, about scorn accumulated over the years for being only a talking shop.

US President-elect Donald Trump used his favourite method of communication last week to express his contempt for the UN, which he described as “just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time”.

That in itself is worrisome, for, already considering himself above everybody, Trump will not feel bound by decisions taken by this world body.



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  1. Again one main point remains ‘unsaid’. The ‘behind-the-scenes-manipulations’ of secret services, CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc. These countries say one thing and behind the scenes do something else. This has to stop. Justice for all and at all times. It seems that only the ‘Khalifa of Peace’ is teaching us the ultimate justice at all times. see: https://www.khalifaofislam.com/topics/world-peace/

  2. Scepticism about the UN? If he works very hard for 10 years he MIGHT improve my thoughts to scepticism. The UN is the epitome of useless. Take any subject, talk it to death and do NOTHING. Mind you, it’ll be the most expensive nothing one could imagine.

    • It is reported that Churchill said, when he among others created the UN : “We will control the world through the Security Council and the rest of the world can talk (uselessly) at the General Assembly”. Exactly. The UN has been created to be useless so that the VETO powers can ‘do their thing’. As long as this set-up continues the UN will remain useless. The Secretary General can do nothing (without ‘orders’ from the VETO powers).

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