Month: November 2016

A story of racial cleansing in America

Source: Longreads Why did the forced removal of African Americans seem so plausible in Forsyth County, Georgia in 1912? Was it because it had all happened before? Detail from a map of Cherokee territory over time. The green line designates their territory at the point of their forced removal. Red […]

Scientists Seek to Update Evolution

Source: Quanta Magazine By Carl Zimmer Kevin Laland looked out across the meeting room at a couple hundred people gathered for a conference on the future of evolutionary biology. A colleague sidled up next to him and asked how he thought things were going. “I think it’s going quite well,” […]

The Dead Sea is drying out

Source:CNN Something’s happening at the lowest point on our planet, some 1,388 feet below sea level.The Dead Sea, a salt lake nestled by Israel, Jordan and the West Bank, is shrinking at an alarming rate — about 3.3 feet per year, according to the environmentalist group EcoPeace Middle East. And […]

The Private Heisenberg and the Absent Bomb

Source: The New York review of Books My Dear Li: Correspondence, 1937–1946 by Werner and Elisabeth Heisenberg, edited by Anna Maria Hirsch-Heisenberg and translated from the German by Irene Heisenberg. Yale University Press, 312 pp., $40.00 Almost as soon as World War II ended in Europe, and with redoubled intensity […]

The hygge conspiracy

Source: The Guardian Inescapably and suddenly, Britain has been invaded by hygge. The Danish word, previously unknown to all but the most hardcore Scandophiles, is now the subject of an avalanche of books, hundreds of Identikit newspaper features, and endless department-store winter displays. Every story on the subject explains that […]

Out Of Memory Error

Source: Tedium By Ernie Smith Computers often seem like they’re above the supply chain. Putting aside hot devices like the latest iPhone and the different variants of the Microsoft Surface, it’s generally easy to get a computer of some kind that will allow you to do all sorts of interesting […]