Trump gets invitation to visit Germany

Source: The Local

The leader of the German state of Bavaria has invited Donald Trump to visit, reports said on Thursday, after he urged European politicians to keep an open mind about the controversial US President-elect. Premier Horst Seehofer, a maverick member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc, wrote to Trump to congratulate him on his victory and said he would be welcome “any time” in his state capital Munich, Bavarian government sources told DPA. Specifically, Seehofer, who is often criticized for his overly populist politics, suggested Trump could attend the city’s annual international security conference in February, just weeks after his inauguration as US president on January 20th, the unnamed sources added.On Wednesday, Trump also won support from a more surprising corner of German politics, the anti-war Left Party. Left Party leader Sahra Wagenknecht on Wednesday said “clearly even a man like Donald Trump has more political-economic understanding than you,” she said, addressing the German government in a Bundestag (German parliament) debate.  “At least he has understood that state-led industrial investment is better than cheap service jobs, and that it isn’t austerity that helps prevent crisis and disintegrating infrastructure, but large-scale public investment.”


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