Month: October 2016

Is Africa going downhill?

Oct 20,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – JONATHAN POWER Africa up or down? After 10 years of quite remarkable growth across the continent, most countries are experiencing a downturn, with average growth nearer to 3.75 per cent than 5 per cent as before.  Nigeria, the continent’s most populous country and largest […]

Lebanon is a sectarian nation, yet it has avoided civil war while the Middle East burns – here’s why

Reconstructed after the civil war, the army is the only totally non-sectarian force in the country. It’s also the only institution that still works. Without it, conflict may yet have reignited Robert Fisk in Beirut @indyvoices 132 comments ‘The identity of Lebanon is sectarian’: Hezbollah supporters demonstrate against the Lebanese Government, […]

Bollywood Becomes India and Pakistan’s Latest Battleground By GEETA ANAND and AYESHA VENKATARAMANOCT. 19, 2016 MUMBAI, India — India and Pakistan, longtime enemies with nuclear arsenals, have battled over borders, killed each other’s soldiers and fought three wars since the countries’ creation seven decades ago. Now their battle has reached the big screen.The Indian film director Karan Johar in 2008. He said […]

‘Ashura – History and Popular Legend

First Sermon: ‘Ashura – History and Popular Legend From a Shia’a point of view: Source: ( is a Shia’a website).      (See this website to inform yourself about Shia’a’s points of view) In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful All Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord […]