Burkini ban suspended by Nice court, dismissing claim of public order risk

Guardian: A Nice court finally suspended the burkini ban on Thursday after city authorities had defied a ruling by the country’s highest administrative court.

Judges in Nice said the terror attack on 14 July in the French Riviera resort city gave insufficient grounds to justify such a ban.

Thursday’s decision follows last week’s ruling by France’s highest administrative court to suspend the bans introduced by about 30 towns, mainly in the south-east.

Nice and several towns had ignored the ruling and kept their bans in place in the midst of a raging debate about religious clothing in secular France.

Nice was one of the first places to ban the Islamic swimsuit this summer, with city authorities claiming there was a risk to public order from wearing the garment after a jihadist in a truck ploughed into crowds on the city’s waterfront, killing 86 people.

But the city’s administrative court ruled on Thursday: “In the absence of such risks, the emotions and the concerns resulting from terrorist attacks, and especially from the attack on July 14, are insufficient grounds to legally justify the contested ban.”

The court also found burkinis posed no risk to “hygiene, decency or safety when swimming”.

The emotive issue of the burkini was further inflamed last week when photographs taken on a beach in Nice showed police surrounding a woman in a headscarf and a long-sleeved top.


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  1. I am a Liberal Muslim, I advocate the justice for all. As long as Saudi Arabia and Iran impose non Muslim women to wear Hijab in Saudi Arabia and Iran, I urge Europe countries and United States of America to do the same.
    This world be better if every country do justice for all or obey Human Right.

    • A Muslim is a Muslim. He is neither liberal or moderate nor extremist.

      Bénédicte Jeannerod of Human Rights Watch criticized this ban and described it as “a deep shame.”

      “During a time of national emergency, surely French police have better things to do than humiliate women on the country’s beaches,” he wrote.

      Instead of encouraging all French people to live together peacefully and promoting equality and fundamental freedoms, which is the responsibility of the public authorities, the Burkini ban and the revival of the endless controversy on religious symbols linked to Islam merely stigmatize practicing Muslim women, exclude them from public spaces – and sharing those spaces with their families and friends – and deprive them of their rights to autonomy, to leisure activities, to wear what they chose, and of course to practice their faith.

      Not to mention the ridiculous argument about hygiene: how can one seriously think that Burkinis are less hygienic than wet suits, or long-sleeve T-shirts worn by kids to protect them from the sun?” he added.

      The woman did not pose any threat. Her simple attire was not a threat to the national security nor was it weapon of mass destruction.

      Why would a powerful country like France with all its weaponry feel threatened by a simple and harmless piece of garment? Is it so fragile to that extent until it feels shaken to the core by a Muslim woman with simple clothing?

      It is frightening to see how bigotry and racism can do to the human intellect. It has an effect to the human judgement and perception as it can influence authorities of a democratic nation to act undemocratically without feeling shame about it.

      Banning Burkini is double standard when nuns covering themselves up are allowed at the beach as indicated by Barbie Latza Nadeau in her article, Where’s the Outrage Over Nun Beachwear?

      “Go to any public beach in Italy and chances are you’ll eventually see a woman wearing a veil and long skirt,” Ms Nadeau said. But she likely won’t be a Muslim in a version of the controversial Burkini. She will almost certainly be a Catholic nun in her summer habit either watching children in her care or, God forbid, just enjoying some sun, which is considered a human right here in Italy, where the sea defines the majority of the borders. ”

      ” No one in Italy would dare blink an eye at the sight of a habit-wearing sister at the seaside or even in the water.” she added.

      The respect people around the world have had towards France would be shattered for treating a helpless woman in this abusive manner as if she was a criminal while all she was trying to do was to enjoy the beach as everyone else.

      While we strongly reject and condemn extremists around the world who claim to know what is best for women and what they should wear, we tend to follow the same footstep as the extremists whom we claim to abhor.

      • ++A Muslim is a Muslim. He is neither liberal or moderate nor extremist.++

        The fact is yes there are many sects in Islam today, we can not deny that.

        Human Right is the main key to achieve a peaceful world, because Human right is God’s law. God know every thing are good for His people.

        Soas long as Saudi Arabia and Iran still impose women to wear Hijab in Saudi Arabia and Iran, I urge United States and Europe to do the same, until Saudi and Iran obey Human right.



    The world really need Liberal ( imam, Pastor, Rabbi etc). They are tolerant people, they respect and accept the differences and can live in peace and harmony.

    The world need liberal leader like SADIQ AMAN KHAN, OBAMA, ETC.


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