Ireland: “Government should regulate mosques and do checks”, says Ahmadiyya Muslim Imam Ibrahim Noonan


The Government should “regulate mosques” and gardaí should have the power to conduct random, unannounced checks on them, according to a Muslim cleric.

Imam Ibrahim Noonan at the entrance to the Maryam Mosque on the Old Monivea Road

Ahmadiyya Imam Ibrahim Noonan at the entrance to the Maryam Mosque on the Old Monivea Road

Imam Ibrahim Noonan said there are some Imams here who are “telling young men to fight the West ideologically” and that these young people are further radicalised online.

Imam Noonan told the Irish Examiner that he has met, and debated with, some young Muslim men born or brought up in Ireland who have a “tendency towards an ISIS mentality”.

Speaking ahead of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association annual convention tomorrow, the cleric said many Muslims walking the street in Ireland “keep their head down” because of angry looks and that he himself has been verbally confronted on the streets.

He said that while he is “absolutely distraught” by recent terror attacks by supporters of the so-called Islamic State, he is “frustrated” by the media linking “Islam” and “Muslim” with such outrages in their headlines and reports.

The conference at Citywest, Dublin, is the 15th annual convention of the community.

Minister of State at the Department of Justice, David Stanton, and Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan, are due to speak at it, though an assistant commissioner may attend in her place.

The Ahmadiyya community in Ireland is relatively small — around 500 members — and is not considered by mainstream Islam as part of the Muslim community.

While Ahmadiyyas treat Prophet Mohammed as the supreme authority, like the rest of the Muslim population, they also venerate another “prophet of the people” Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who they regard as subordinate to Mohammed.

“There was a German police raid on a mosque… read more at

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