Muslims celebrate lifting of Lagos hijab ban


Source: Religion News Service

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) Muslims in Nigeria are celebrating a court ruling that lifted a ban on girls in public school wearing the hijab in Lagos state.

The decision on Thursday (July 21) was handed down by the Court of Appeals after two female students challenged a ruling three years earlier by a Lagos state court that banned the head coverings.

“The truth has prevailed over falsehood,” said Ishaq Akintola, director of Muslim Rights Concern, a Nigerian human rights group.
He said the unanimous judgment left a firm stamp of authority on the legality of the use of hijab by all Muslim women in the country, and he praised the “patience and tolerance in the face of provocation” shown by students since the initial ruling.

Meanwhile, another tussle on wearing headscarves in schools continues in the southwestern state of Osun. In June, Christians sent their children to school in church robes, after a judge in the state allowed Muslim girls to be covered.

The question of whether school uniforms should adapt to religious dress has been hotly debated in a country that is divided between Muslims in the north and Christians in the south. The Islamist Boko Haram group has sent girls on suicide missions with explosives concealed under full-body garments.

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    The Arabs were a nation that often had conflicts, hostility, kidnapping and civil-wars caused by different ethnicities and religious beliefs. They killed their children foolishly, due to their lack of knowledge QS 6;140. A man could marry women more than four QS.4:3, many women became slaves, and can be traded etc. QS.24:33. Therefore Prophet forbid women go outside without accompanied by her brother They were at the brink of a pit of Fire.QS 3;103.

    Imagine how Arab people made a house? They made house from skin of animal, It was not real house but just a tent, moveable, QS.16;80-81. They moved from one place to another place. During Muhammad’s (pbuh) time there was no paper to write, no police to guard people, there were no hospitals to go to when people got sick, also there was no hospitals for animals, no telephones, busses and electricity. It was very difficult to find water for bathing and washing dirty clothes. They lived in heat desert-the storm sand– ( 35-50 C ). When the strong winds come up in the desert, the heat sand or SANDSTORM can damage human skin, hair and eyes.

    Therefore Prophet Muhammad asked women to cover their entire body with a cloth. QS 33:59, QS 24:31.
    There are two reasons why women wear burqa:
    1. In order women can not be abducted or be kidnapped by enemy for sex-slave.
    2.In order women can not be harmed by storm sand.

    The ancient Arab tradition who live in heat desert and in order woman can not be abducted or be kidnapped by unknown man, women have to cover whole her body with cloth as described in Al Quran.

    So those who live in United States or Europe women do not feel sinful when you do not want to wear hijab.
    All love

  2. There is no one type of dress that is compulsory for all Muslim women. The form of the veil adopted varies from person to person. Minimum Islamic purdah has been defined as wearing a loose fitting outer garment /loose coats and a head scarf. Generally, Islam requires modesty in dress, with arms and legs covered. Clothes should be loose and the curves of the body should not be discernible, in public. If the face is uncovered it should be without makeup.

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