A mental problem called Islamophobia

Source: Arabnews.Com

Islamophobia is now highly visible among European populations concerned about terrorist responses from groups claiming jihadi links. However, it is also evident among those same populations in relation to the refugee flow from the Middle East. In addition, Islamophobia is highly evident among sectors of the US population during the presidential race.
Given that this widespread western fear of Muslims was not the case prior to the US-instigated “War on Terror,” do Muslims around the world now pose a greater threat to western interests than previously? Or is something else going on here? In short, why are so many westerners (and others) now frightened of Muslims? Let me start at the beginning.
Human socialization is essentially a process of terrorizing children into “thinking” and doing what the adults around them want. Hence, the attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors that most humans exhibit are driven by fear and the self-hatred that accompanies this fear.
However, because this fear and self-hatred are so unpleasant to feel consciously, most people suppress these feelings below conscious awareness and then (unconsciously) project them onto “legitimized” victims (that is, those people “approved” for victimization by their parents and/or society generally). In short: The fear and self-hatred are projected as fear of, and hatred for, particular social groups.


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  1. In essence, Islamophobia is a manifestation of the mental illness of elites manipulating us into doing their insane bidding. Unfortunately, many people are easy victims of this manipulation.
    Well its your version. In depth analysis of large number of Muslims involving in anti human being activities does not support that all these as children were terrorized. Bosnian Muslim youth fighting in Syria were never terrorized in their childhood. They just found lucrative salary and opted to join the so called Jihadist groups.

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