The Story of God with Morgan Freeman: The human struggle of good and evil

The Story of God With Morgan Freeman | S01 E05 | Why Does Evil Exist?


Source: ET

Oscar winner Morgan Freeman is embarking on a religious exploration into the concept and history of God, and he’s inviting viewers to join him on the fascinating and emotional journey.

Freeman hosts National Geographic channel’s six-part documentary series The Story of God, and ET has an exclusive look at the show’s epic trailer.

As part of The Story of God, the 78-year-old star travels the world to partake in various religious ceremonies and immerse himself in the faith and beliefs of various cultures throughout the planet.

Morgan Freeman

Freeman, who has portrayed God on screen in the past, opened up about the global experience during the Winter TCA tour, where he talked about getting people of faith to open up about their own religious beliefs and ceremonies.

“Generally people want to explain — and it’s not like proselytizing, it’s just explaining,” Freeman said. “I found that particularly so in India and in Egypt. They are not trying to convince me that I should belong to this, merely explain what and why it is.”

During the epic series, Freeman takes viewers to a number of famed and honored religious sites, such as the Wailing Wall, the Bodhi Tree, Mayan temples and American mega churches, to delve into the ancient history of modern religions.

The Story of God is set to premiere Sunday, April 3 at 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel.


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