5000 Ahmadi Faithful Celebrate 50 Years of AMJ in Canada

5000 Ahmadi Faithful Celebrate 50 Years of AMJ in Canada

Toronto May 8, 2016 –Zakaria VirkWP_20160508_002

Five thousand men, women and children gathered today at Nathan Phillip Square at Toronto City Hall to celebrate 50 years of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Canada. Mayor of Toronto John Tory, Premier of Ontario Ms. Kathleen Wynn, Memember of Parliament  Dr. Christy Duncan, Mrs. Salma Zahid, Ms. Judy Sgro and many provincial members of parliament attended the historic function.

Mr Lal Khan Malik, President of AMJ said in his keynote address that our community is donating  $100,000 for Fort McMurray relief fund which has been devastated by recent forest fires. Members were urged to donate generously for Fort McMurray fires to Humanity First. A cheque was presented to Mr Aslam Daud.

Ahmadiyya Youth Organization made a presentation about collecting million pound food for charities, of which 600,000 pound has already been collected. A message was read from Prime Minister of Canada, and a certificate was given. Mayor of Toronto also gave the AMJ a certificate. Master of ceremonies for this event was former MP, and now city councillor  Jim Karigiyanis.

After this ceremony members offered Zuhr prayers in congregation in the rain. Subsequent to this members were treated with slice of pizza, milk fudge (burfi) and samosas. The stage was beautifully decorated, with members holding Canadian flags. Boys and girls impeccable dressed in white and red choir sang Canadian anthem which was the highlight of the event.

Parking of cars was handled by handled by scores of volunteers who comfortable looked after more than 500 cars at 483 Bay Street. Many members travelled by school buses.


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  1. it was really exciting and historic celebration of 50th anniversary of jamt ahmadiyya in canada.As honoured by mayor,premier and member of parliaments.

  2. ASWW, pls I am a Nigeria jamaat, l want get d full contact address/phone no or whatsapp of sadr Ansarullah or any members which I can chat with,and also d procedure I can follow Insha Allah,so that I can be able to withness d Jalsa Sallana once. You can get in touch with me through this email address-abuyusrah2009@yahoo.com.Jazakumllah Kairan.Your in Islam BR ABD HAKEEM OLAYIDE

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