Are Humans Significant?

A Scientist Answers:

I’m Dr Sami Mikhail and I’m what you’d call a dirt-person or a gravel monkey – the technical term is geologist. I’m presently a Lecturer in Earth Sciences at the University of St Andrews, and I have a disturbingly strong passion for understanding how planets form their atmospheres. Sometimes I ponder abstract concepts like why Venus and Earth are so different and so similar at the same time, and if diamonds are still forming in the deep Earth right now, as my website will attest. However, I also reflect on a number of issues that arise following discussions with my colleagues, students, after reading the news, or while I’m procrastinating. One such topic is: What is the significance of humanity?

Human being

Naturally, as a scientist, I always consider all possibilities before deriving a conclusion (in light of data.) In this case my logic leads me to conclude that the answer is double-sided. Let’s see where you stand…

The case that we are insignificant:


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