Religious Vanity of Muslims Draws the Ire in the Western World

Religious Vanity of Muslims Draws the Ire in the Western World

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

16 January 2016

As with voluntary Americanism, or globalization as it is meant: a la baseball cap embroidered with NY that almost every young and mostly poor boy outside US, wears back to front to project his being “IN”, in the wide world; the poor Muslims outside ME similarly have taken with gusto to project their identity by voluntarily aping all forms of Arabian-ness. Whereas the Arabs themselves, particularly on arrival in the West discard their long white nightgowns and black Niqabs and don three piece suits and designer dresses.

A few commonplace Arabic words are in vogue also to add to this aping process. Comically these words are often used out of context. A few examples:

Ask a person, badly limping and obviously in great pain—“How are you my friend?”

al H a m d u l I l l a h” would be the reply with a very heavy stress on the H sound.

“Then why are you limping?”

A long story later it becomes apparent that he has had a knee replacement but it was a failure, hence the pain and regret for having got it done—but…al H a m d u l I i l l a h!

If one wants to give thanks to the Lord, one should at least complete the sentence and say—Shukr al Hamdullillah.

Similarly Jazaakallah; very high-sounding Arabic expression blurted out at the slightest sign of goodly gesture, giving the impression that the utterer is a scholar of Arabic and wishes upon you the Lord’s blessings. Simply saying Jazaakallah leaves one guessing as to the speaker’s real intention. Without the qualification of Khair or Shar is a duplicitous play on words?

A young husband asked the village priest for a ‘charm’ for his pregnant wife wishing to deliver a male child. The priest scribbled something on the paper, put it in a locket/Taweez and gave that to him for it to be tied to his wife’s waist, till she delivers the baby. After the delivery of the child; of which the priest’s wife knew all about, the locket was brought to the priest as required.

The priest opened the locket. On the paper was writtenLarkaa nah Larki (Boy-no-Girl). He read loudly emphasising the word “Larkaa” and softly read…”nah Larki”. “Just as we had predicted, he said, it is a Boy… no girl” . Had it been a girl the stress would have been on the word Girl, or even Larkaa-Nah-Larki if unfortunately there was a miscarriage!

It is an Arabian custom to give a nickname Kunniyat to men and women, often as a sign of respect and endearment. Fathers are named Abu after the first son as and mothers as Umm after the first daughter. For example it is said that the messenger Muhammad’s Kunniyat was Abu Qasim, after his first son Qasim was born. “Umm Kulthum” was a famous Egyptian singer, etc.

Contrary to this tradition an overzealous non-Arab, had adopted the Kunniyat of Abu Akitaa(not the real name) after the eldest of the three daughters from his second wife. He had divorced his first wife for not producing a son but only daughters!

Such are examples of how Arabianisation and display of overt piety are making Muslims the laughing stock of general community and even of the Arabs themselves, whom the non-Arab Muslims are aping regardless!

More aspects of this publicity seeking stunts are becoming apparent now and making the migrant community in the West stand out for ridicule and increased hatred. Some aspects of this piety are particularly annoying and confronting to them when performed in public.

Blocking the public road without the permission of the authorities and even private residential driveways surrounding the Mosque, with worshipers parked cars and inconveniencing the general public and non-Muslim residents in their daily movements and routine, all in the name of holiness, draws the predictable and inevitable ire of the citizens.

The excuse that other churches too violate this rule has no merit, since firstly Muslims are supposed to think of others and secondly, and particularly since there is no reason for Muslims as to why multiple congregations (Jama’at) cannot be held if there is no room in the mosque for all at a time. Holding multiple congregations for Juma’ and Eids is a common practice in Muslim countries from where migrants come!

With Arab-aping, the Muslim nations have embarked upon projecting themselves in everything that is NOT Islamic. But in Islam’s name it has put an indelible black mark on it.

Notwithstanding the contentious argument whether these rituals (churchly worship) are part of Aqimus Salat of the ad-Deen as commanded by Quran,  the Book that Muslims swear their oaths on, the code of behaviour and the commands for service to mankind as its principle theme for all to adhere to. It must be hard to believe that this is clearly spelled out as:-

2-177: It is not a big deal that you turn your face to the East or the West (in prayers) but what is a big deal… that you perform the myriads of goodly acts as listed. And

13-17: …separate truth and vanity, like froth cast out: While that which is good of mankind remains on earth…”.

Taken together with chapter 107, makes it abundantly clear that any form of the ritual of worship in public is mere vanity, showiness and seeking publicity for hollow piety.(Also 4-142), with no tangible benefits to humanity.(ref. also 4-142 & 9-54):

By extension therefore, it must be said that what the Muslims, leaders and lay people are projecting by their behaviour and in so called religious terms, is duplicitous. The Quran makes a thorough mockery of such things in plain language.

With these issues in mind, the glaring example comes to fore. The adoption of Kunniyat of ‘Abu Bakr’ by one without a spec of the quality of Siddique, — Ibrahim Awad al Badri al Samarrai.

Sounds like the Japanese Samurai? For sure, equally cruel and ruthless in pursuit of his objectives, on behalf of his Master!

Chapter 107:

What do you think of him who belies our Deen (Code of behaviour)?

He is one who chases away the needy, (creates refugees by the millions fleeing to Europe) and encourages not others to generosity. (Stops aid getting to them)

Woe to those who pray, but are neglectful of their obligations, (leads worship ritual as Khalif)

Who make a mere show of devotion in worship, (broadcasts publicity videos of his piety)

But refuse to help the needy!

(Modified in common language from J.M. Rodwell’s ‘Koran’ ISBN-10 1-8421-2609-1)

With this trend what will predictably remain for Muslims to celebrate is only the miscarriage– Larkaa Nah Larki, and a barren national landscape; and so the poets said:

Tumhari Daastan’ Tak Bhi Nah Hogi Daastaanon’ Main’. Your story will not even be recorded in the legends!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer

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