13 rejected headlines for this story about Moroccan boy prince denying hand kisses


Source: The Washington post

This practice of kissing the hands of royals has lingered in Morocco, even under King Mohammed VI —  much to the dismay of critics who decry it as an antiquated show of subservience. It persisted even after the Arab Spring.

But it appears that the king’s son, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, hasn’t fully embraced having his hand kissed. Perhaps it’s an age thing, or perhaps a full breaking with tradition. Video footage of the 12-year-old greeting lines of soldiers and dignitaries went viral this week, attracting global attention and racking up millions of views. The boy confidently shakes these adults’ hands, but he swiftly denies anyone who tries to kiss his hand.

We tried to come up with the perfect headline that best captures the elegance of that video footage. But we couldn’t pick just one. See below:

1. Dignitary: May I kiss your hand? 12-year-old prince: Nah.

2. Emotionless boy prince offers master class in setting boundaries

3. Dignitaries employ strange strategy to help Moroccan prince train for upcoming hot hands tournament

4. Child prince beautifully demonstrates what happens when you are a strange man who wants to kiss my hand

5. Accomplished adults attempt to show sign of respect, boy prince having none of it

6. “Do you think anyone will notice that I haven’t let anyone kiss my hand,” 12-year-old wonders

7. “It’s fine, we didn’t want to kiss your hand anyway,” dignitaries insist

8. 12-year-old Moroccan child finally understands plight of woman at bar horrified to learn you didn’t just want to say ‘hello’

9. Third dignitary in line: May I kiss your hand? 12-year-old prince: Nah.

10. “It me,” whispers woman with OKCupid profile, as she watches GIF of boy prince

11. Boy prince prepares for cold and flu season by spending entire day avoiding hand kisses

12. Area woman finds GIF of boy prince’s response to the patriarchy oddly comforting

13. Soldier: No, for real, let me just kiss your hand. 12-year-old prince: Nah.

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