Absurd criticism of Islam

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  1. Funny the Brazil based Saudi writer did not explain how his view of Islamic tolerance has not drawn him to the plight of his Saudi brother who has been condemned for disagreeing on the web on some aspects of islam and who has been abandoned by Barack Obama, supposedly the chief defender of human rights. While in Saudi Arabia, Obama justified that incarceration on the basis of ‘national security’ the same concern the writer feels should not apply when it comes to islamic migrants some, if not all, of whom carry with them the potentials to breach security.
    The pope does not speak for Christendom which neither has the equivalent of the islamic ‘ulema’, the ‘ummah’ or the various permanent committees set up to deal with any aspect of the religion which is not addressed by the trilogy of quran, hadiths or the sira. The writer negates the fact that there is no Christian organization similar to the OIC which is composed of independent states with deep interest in what matters to their religion.
    Given the number of denominations it has, one can say that Christianity is much more fragmented than islam. The lack of a central control does not make it to veer off the course of sanity by creating hell on earth for those who disagree or do not imbibe the faith at all. Arguing on the absence of a central authority in islam to rein in terrorists is an excuse to justify the religion’s obsession with violence.
    Punishment in the afterlife for what is done in the physical world serves to make people be conscious of their actions here knowing that they will be held accountable both now by the civil authority and in the hereafter by the Divine. But who will mete out punishment in the next world if violence committed in the present serves as the ticket to the hereafter and all the goodies it promises?
    Calling Mr Trump xenophobic is a misuse of language. Mr Trump is not yet the GOP presidential candidate. He is only an aspirant who feels that those coming into his country should have the proper credentials. What is xenophobic in being nationalistic? I share Mr Trump’s view and hold that the same restriction should be placed on Nigerians wanting to emigrate to the United States. That way people will be forced to stay home and make contributions to national development. Call me anything you wish. That does not bother me. It is your right to be different. But extend the same right to me too.
    The creation of detention camps for Japanese Americans should not be forgotten was done by a democrat president. The difference between the Japanese and the Germans and Italians was Pearl Harbour, an unprovoked attack by the empire of Japan when war had not been declared aimed at crippling America militarily and economically. After the war had broken out, America did not allow in Japanese. Islamic leaders and scholars, including independent Iran, say they at war with America. That war is ongoing. To take the action contemplated by Mr Trump is to be proactive by stopping America’s enemies from having easy access to the country. It is the same position that the writer has taken by not condemning the jailing of the blogger for security reasons in Saudi Arabia. He will do the same if his country was swarmed by ‘refugees’. It explains why he sees nothing wrong in his country not accepting a single Syrian or Iraqi refugee.
    People should stop being hypocritical by wanting only what is good for them alone.

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