California shooting: At least 14 people killed, Suspects identified and killed


Every human life is sacred and precious and killing one is like triggering a genocide. (Derived from Al Quran 5:32/33)

california-169Source: BBC

San Bernardino shooting: Police kill two suspects after hunt

Police in California have named two suspects killed after a mass shooting which left 14 people dead at a social services centre.

The man and woman, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in an exchange of fire with police.

Farook had been a county employee for five years, San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said.

The attack took place at an event on Wednesday for employees of the San Bernardino public health department.

None of the victims has been identified.

The Inland Regional Center, where the shooting took place, provides services for people with developmental disabilities, but the shooting appeared to be unrelated to its clients.

The incident marks the deadliest mass shooting in the US since 26 people were killed at a school in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

Mr Burguan, who said another 17 people were wounded, said police were “reasonably confident” that there were just two shooters.

A third person seen running from the scene was detained, but police said it was unclear whether that person was involved.

Who carried out the shootings?

Police have identified Syed Rizwan Farook, a 28-year-old US-born male, and Tashfeen Malik, a 27-year-old woman, as the two dead suspects. Relatives have said the two were married.

Who were the victims?

Fourteen people were killed, and police have not released any details. However it appears that those targeted were colleagues of Farook’s in the San Bernadino county public health department, who were holding a work event at the centre’s conference facilities.

What was the motive?

Police said they had “no information on motivation,” but Farook had earlier left the work event after an angry incident. He returned with Malik, both heavily armed, to carry out the massacre.

Terrorism and a workplace dispute are among the possible motives.

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  1. Quoting USA Today

    The official, who is not authorized to comment, said investigators are focusing on an incident, perhaps a workplace dispute, before the shooting in which one person became angry and left a gathering of employees. The person later returned with two others.

    It was not immediately clear, according to the official, what prompted the apparent dispute. And it was not known whether the person who left the gathering had gone to the location to scout the target as part of a detailed plan to launch the attack.

    Accounts of the pre-shooting dispute were being provided to investigators by witnesses who appeared to have consistent recollections of the events as they unfolded, the official said.

    Federal authorities were not ruling out the possibility of terrorism, the official said, largely because of what appears to be detailed planning involved in the attack, including the number of suspects involved, the tactical clothing worn by the suspects and the attempted plan for escape. The involvement of a woman in the attacks also marks a very rare turn for similar domestic shootings, which typically involve male gunmen.

  2. What was the motive?
    I strongly believe that those who kill innocent people follow the order of Hadith from the book of Hadist whist is second source of Islamic teaching.

    I told so many times that the root of violence in Islam today is come from the FALSE HADITH . The book of Hadith is not the word of God, but the word of ancient men.So those who follow the false hadith go astray and kill innocent people.

    But those who follow Al Quran, Muslim forbid to kill a innocent people, if you kill one person,asif you kill the whose mankind, if you save one person, as if you save the whole humanity.

    I urge all Muslim Scholars around the word to declare and ablish all violent Hadith from the book of Hadith as second source of Islamic teaching beside Holy Quran
    As long as the false hadith (violent Hadith) are not abolished from the book of Hadith, this killing innocent people will continue forever.

    Islamic teaching from the boo of Hadith HAS TO BE CORRECTED to avoid killing innocent people everywhere.

    I urge all mosques around the world to declare and abolish all violent hadith from the book of Hadith.
    Wassalamu’alaikum wrwb
    With all my love

    READ MORE; Google; The Root of Violence in Islam today is originated from the book of Hadith.

  3. The Gun law control is a must,how many lives had to be lost before it is implemented. Monkeys see,Monkeys do,copy cat.who knows when anyone will lose senses,and temper go for video like dangerous real spree.

    Farook’s family was originally from South Asia, while Malik was believed to be from Pakistan and had lived in Saudi Arabia before coming to the United States, Ayloush said. Farook had an older brother, he added, who had served in the U.S. military.

    Public records suggest possible turbulence in Farook’s younger life.

    In 2006, Rafia Farook, who records indicate is Farook’s mother, filed in a Riverside court for divorce from her husband, also named Syed Farook.

    SWAT officers enter an area where suspects were believed to be after the shooting at the Inland Regional Center. -AFP
    SWAT officers enter an area where suspects were believed to be after the shooting at the Inland Regional Center. -AFP
    She enumerated multiple instances of domestic abuse in the legal filing, and said her husband “threatens to kill himself on a daily basis.” During one incident, she said in a court filing, her son came between them “to save me.”

  4. The gun control law is unnecessary as it will make people defenceless. If people had been armed, the murders would have been stopped before so many lives were taken. Blaming guns is to shield the real culprit: Hollywood which produces violent films with the incentives to encourage crimes. The Democrats, including Obama, will not attack the source because of the hefty campaign contributions they benefit from the crimes factory.

  5. The part of the report which describes the jihadist couple’s home as an ‘IED factory’ has been conveniently excised.

  6. There is a huge difference between the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino where the killings took place and the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood genocide facility. The first spends money assisting those who have developmental disabilities while the second makes money from terminating the lives of the most innocent of human beings.

    Both killers ( California and Colorado ) are hater or extremist. They kill innocent people under the name of religion.

    Automatic guns should not sell to public. Because automatic guns can kill many innocent people easily.
    So need the Gun law control to avoid mass killing, otherwise we can see mass shooting anytime and anywhere.

    With love

  8. Which religion did Robert Dear Jr say he killed for? It was said, without any proof, that he was fired up by recent anti-abortion rhetoric.

  9. Ali hidayah, you have problems with people having guns but have none with abortion which terminates more lives than guns. From the statistics somebody gave, over one million lives have been claimed by guns since 1968. That figure is said to be higher than all the lives Americans have lost in all the wars. But abortion has extinguished more than 53 million lives since Roe v. Wade. Which one has done more damage to human lives?

  10. THERE IS easy availability of guns,but who takes the advantage???. Normally people remain unarmed on their own choice and don’t confront the robbers,killers,or thieves.They don’t want to take law in their own hands.The mass shooters,lone wolf,estranged relatives take guns and target the soft ,unaware people .

  11. There have been 1.4 million deaths from gun related incidents and over 53 million from abortion. Which is more devastating?
    Guns are the constitutional right of Americans for protection. Defending oneself is not taking laws into one’s hand.

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