Video: Russia not committed to Assad, says John Kerry

Source: BBC

17 November 2015 Last updated at 18:05 GMT

Russia is not “wedded” to keeping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power, says US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Speaking to the BBC in Paris days after attacks rocked the French capital, Mr Kerry said Russian President Vladimir Putin would accept an alternative government in Syria that did not necessarily include his ally, Mr Assad.

He also said it should become clear within weeks whether efforts towards a political transition in Syria have a chance.

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  1. What is his boss, Obama, committed to, confusion and indecision? For he is yet to formulate a policy of dealing with the venomous serpent. He is waiting for the world to be consumed by the fire lit by those he has so much admiration for.

  2. Namelee US population does not have appetite for ground troops. Imagine half a million military personnel trying to run Iraq and Syria; USA will go bankrupt. So, leaders are looking for better and cheaper solutions.

  3. Zia,
    A few days ago you advocated putting ground troops as a solution to the Syrian crises. I asked you whose troops would those be. But there was no answer. Military experts say that ISIS will not be defeated by aerial bombardment without ground support. That may scare some people. The fact, however remains that the spineless White House has no plan apart from ‘speeding up the training of ISIS’.

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