Muslim Canadians Running in the 2015 Federal Election

There are even Muslims running against each other, Omar Alghabra (Liberal) and Farheen Khan (NDP) in Mississauga Centre, a riding where an estimated 16.5% of eligible voters are Muslim, and Khalid Ahmed (NDP) and Yasmin Ratansi (Liberal) in Don Valley East, a riding where an estimated 19.4% of eligible voters are Muslim. It should be interesting to see how their debates go. It also demonstrates the reality that Muslim Canadians do not vote as a bloc-last election 46% voted Liberal, 38% voted NDP, and 12% voted Conservative. There are Muslim Candidates running for the Conservatives, Greens, Liberals and New Democratic Party (NDP) in this election.


Muslim Candaians for election


There has been discussion in media about the potential impact of the Muslim Canadian Vote as around an estimated half a million Muslim Canadians are eligble to vote and many of those voters are concentrated in particular ridings. But there is also concern that not all eligible Muslim voters are actually exercising their democratic rights, which is why groups like Canadian Muslim Vote and IMPACT, both most active in the Toronto area, are doing outreach in the community to get out the vote.


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