A Creeping Sharia Freakout: How France’s latest “Muslim Problem” Really Wasn’t One

http://www.patheos.com/: As is usually the case in France, any time anything happens where Muslims could even remotely be involved, it becomes a media circus – any time is a good time to talk about how “Muslims want it their way” or how “Muslims don’t want to integrate.”

Last week, a 21 year old woman in a public park in the city of Reims was apparently assaulted by Muslim women for wearing a bikini in public. Several news outlets picked up on the story, including my personal favorite, the Daily Mail (whether that is news is up for debate), with the tantalizing headline “’Muslim Girl Gang’ attacks ‘immoral’ sunbather for wearing a bikini in a public park” – although later on in the same article they quote the local police superintendent saying that the attack does not appear to be religiously motivated. In their defense, at least they put “Muslim Girl Gang” and “immoral” in quotes. The Union de Reims newspaper called it an “aggression with a hint of religious police.” The paper then sort of retracted, with an article on the 28thentitled “Bikinigate: decoding a media circus.” The extent of the reaction is described in this passage from the Daily Mail: