Why Should a Non-Muslim Discover Islam?

Our world has changed so much over the last twenty years.

If Islam was mentioned at all on the TV before the events of 9/11 in the USA, it was usually something to do with the Middle East and, most often, the situation in Palestine.

Islam and Muslims, though, were perceived as something foreign, having little to do with most people’s lives.

Since 9/11, the TV and the newspapers are full of Islam and Muslims, and the perceived threat they pose to people living in the West has become a constant theme of political debates and newspaper editorials.

Over the past twenty years, also, there has been a marked increase in the number of Muslims migrating to Western countries, for various reasons, so Muslims have become more visible on the streets of Western cities.

Kaaba: The very First House of God in Makkah

Kaaba: The very First House of God in Makkah


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