442. Commandment – Some more commandments about Prophet’s wives

442. Commandment – Some more commandments about Prophet’s wives

[33:29] O Prophet! say to thy wives, ‘If you desire the life of this world and its adornment, come then, I will provide for you and send you away in a handsome manner. [33:30] ‘But if you desire Allah and His Messenger and the Home of the Hereafter, then truly Allah has prepared for those of you who do good a great reward.’ [33:31] O wives of the Prophet! if any of you be guilty of manifestly dishonourable conduct, the punishment will be doubled for her. And that is easy for Allah. [33:32] But whoever of you is obedient to Allah and His Messenger and does good works, We shall give her her reward twice over; and We have prepared for her an honourable provision. [33:33] O wives of the Prophet! You are not like any other women if you are righteous. So be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease should feel tempted; and speak a decent speech. [33:34] And stay in your houses with dignity, and do not show off yourselves like the showing off of the former days of ignorance, and observe Prayer, and pay the Zakat, and obey Allah and His Messenger. Surely Allah desires to remove from you all uncleanness, O Members of the Household, and purify you completely. [33:35] And remember what is rehearsed in your houses of the Signs of Allah and of wisdom. Verily Allah is the Knower of subtleties, All-Aware. [33:36] Surely, men who submit themselves to God and women who submit themselves to Him, and believing men and believing women, and obedient men and obedient women and truthful men and truthful women, and men steadfast in their faith and steadfast women, and men who are humble and women who are humble, and men who give alms and women who give alms, and men who fast and women who fast, and men who guard their chastity and women who guard their chastity, and men who remember Allah much and women who remember Him — Allah has prepared for all of them forgiveness and a great reward.


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