Ghana: Cape Coast Crime Officer Urges Religious Leaders To Preach Against Crime at the first annual rally of the Ahmadiyya Youth

The Cape Coast Metropolitan Crime Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ken Kuntogli, has urged religious leaders to consistently preach against crime and its effects, which he believes, will go a long way to reduce the increasing number of criminal activities in the country.


He said the recent increase in criminal activities was an indication that religious institutions had failed to honour their responsibility of preaching against indulging in sinful activities, but were rather preaching about wealth and riches.

ASP Kuntogli made the call when he spoke at the first annual rally of the Ahmadiyya youth wing (Khuddam-Ul Ahmadiyya) in the Central-West Region held in Cape Coast at the weekend.

He pointed out that if religious leaders were able to preach and impact the beautiful doctrines of their respective religions on their members, crime rate would reduce drastically.

The celebration which was on the theme: “Religious Tolerance: A Prerequisite for a Peaceful Nation, ” brought together hundreds of Ahmadi Youth, including many believers from different religious faiths.

He said most religious leaders these days were only interested in expanding their numbers, and were no longer concerned with the spiritual and moral well being of their members.

“If the church is expanded and its members do not apply the doctrines of the church, then what is the purpose of establishing the church?” he asked.

ASP Kuntogli expressed his displeasure about how religious festivals were celebrated in the country, adding that “drunkenness, fighting and creating violent scenes during religious festivals these days, showed the failure of the religious institutions”.

Mr. Mohammed Hussein Acquah, the muhtamin tabligh (in charge of preaching) who delivered the keynote address, cautioned Ghanaians not to allow trivial religious issues to erode the peace that existed in the country.

He said for the efforts of world leaders, including religious leaders frantically searching for peace to be accomplished, there was the need to understand and accept the faith of other religions without derogatory remarks about them.

Mr Acquah indicated that inter-religious peace and harmony was very paramount to Islam Ahmadiyyat with its former supreme head delivering lots of lectures pertaining to religious tolerance and world peace.

He said the current religious misunderstanding between Christians and Muslims was an indication that Ghana as a nation has not done things right so far as religious co-existence was concerned, and called on the leaders to treat the matter with the topmost fairness and justice.

Mr. Abdul Noor Wahab, the president of the Ahmadiyya Youth wing in Ghana, advised the youth to endeavor to learn more about other religious groups, to have an understanding of how they worship, so as to co-exist peacefully with them.

He asked all Muslims to continue to pray fervently for the country, as it was going through difficult moments.


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