Month: January 2015

Thanking Allah with words, deeds

Sheikh ibn Baaz Blessings are commensurate with our gratitude. If you thank Allah for His favors, Allah will increase and bless them. But if you are ungrateful, favors will disappear and immediate punishments may follow in this life before the Hereafter. Blessings are of various types. They include having good […]

King Abdullah’s friends in the West stayed loyal, but revolution is on the horizon in Saudi Arabia How long can our Western leaders go on stroking and purring and fawning over – and arming – these Croesus-like autocrats?

by Robert Fisk, The Independent Poor old Kingdom. And old is the only word you can use about Saudi Arabia, where monarchical brothers take precedence over sons. King Abdullah died at 90. He had outlived two other crown princes. His successor Salman is already 79 and cannot expect to survive […]