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  1. Assalamulaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

    Would appreaciate it very much if the Editor could give a gist of the speech; and who is the speaker.

  2. I had a friend in KMC.She was from zila Hazara. Hazara is also in KPK.Her father was also a doctor. I remember her saying :My father says when you do the match making for your daughter, You have to come to floor from the heavens.Hazara people are upright, bold,beautiful, hard working.She had six sisters and one brother. I agree with her my oldest daughter got married last year on 29th December.

  3. The unsung hero is Hussan Changize from Hazara.Hazara area is a big area divided in Bulochistan,KPK. These r two provinces in Pakistan. In Afghanistan there are also Hazara in the province Mazar ,Hirat,.They are from shia sect. The daring person showed the mirror to America, Pakistan, Politicians. Religious leaders.The Pakistan was a puppet in the hands of Foreign airs.They were the tools in other hands.Henery Kasinger asked Iran ,if they were a cause or nation.Pakistan is a cause.He said,First they were mujahedeen who killed Hazara people in hundreds.Then were Ahmeddies, shias followed by christian.He said that what goes around comes around.
    This is the gist I think.Lal mosque is govt mosque to breed hate crime com speakers.

  4. Dr Shumaila made an effort. However the main point in his speech where he referred declaration of peaceful Ahmadiyya Community as non Muslim. He referred it as turning point for the current pathetic condition of Pakistan.

  5. Hassan Changaize was in severe pain
    For his nation of Hazara. He said that The Mujahedeen cut the people of Hazara from Afghanistan like carrots and lobok or white mooli.Thousands were killed in one day but U were celebrating.He looked like a peace full Afghan immigrant. Our forefathers moved from Afghanistan when two Ahmedi Princess were martyred to Qadian. Our cast is Afghan Kakazai. Kaka is not a baby but an uncle or respected Uncle. My paternal grandfather resided in the boarding house of Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah Awwal.The first Khalifa of Ahmaddiyyat. My respected husband who is my cousin as well was born in Quetta Pakistan. He moved to Lahore when he was in grade nine. We both know Hazara people well.

  6. My grandfather passed away when he was 40.His name was Ghulam Qadir.My father was just 10 months baby.My grandpa was a heavy smoker. Dr.Mir Ismaeel r.a brother in law of promised messiah a.s did his eye surgery .He asked him to quit tobacco, which he did.But then he had a severe relapse.They would eat in the house of first Khalifa r.a.
    I mentioned it to one paternal granddaughter of Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah awwal r.a known as aapa toto.This year she visited Tahir Hall.I volunteer there as a Homeopathic doctor.

  7. This all account is written in an urdu book.My father Naib Ameer of KPK. The first part is available in USA and Canada Jaamat stores.The name of the book is infusion of Ahmadiyyat in KPK. He is the Publisher and co-author of the book.At age 60 he dedicated his life. Hazrat khalafatul messiah 4th r.a appointed him as naib ameer of NWFP in 1988.He moved to California in 2009 in April.He stayed there for 4 years.He took computer classes.language,citizenship classes.He got his citizen ship this year.He passed the exam with flying colours.he stayed with me from 188/20014 to 25th 112014.Now he is in Pakistan,He is writing the part 2 of this book.This personal part will be published in the second part Insha,Allah.

  8. The name of our paternal grandfather was probably Ghulam Mutaza.My father reads all that I write for Muslim Times. He appreciates my writing. My dear husband does not like my free lance work. It is O.K we are in Canada.
    My dad dad 4 sisters and two older brothers.My paternal grandmother died in 1947.My father was just 19.He was born on 4th January 1828.It was the same year that Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah the 4th was born. My father schooling was in Qadian.He went to Talim ulislam college there. He never miss the annual Jalsa. He went to Qadian Jalsa in 1991 and 2012.He is MashAllah well dressed and organized and punctual. He walks daily.He is very particular about his diet and meds.I never saw him over weight. He never died his hair.I did request him but no avail.His one brother died at age 60with heartfailure in namaz in Karachi Pakistan. He was in PAF.I never met him.His other bro died at 37.I think he was a smoker and like d butter.He left behind a widow and 4 children. The youngest 2 or4.At the time of division of India he was in Peshawar. The govt said to take the house of a Hindu if they had left. He was so disheartened that he left the hose.I saw this house. It was alotted to Dr.Ansari.The doctor Ansari and Dr.Rehman were on the same road.They had small clinics. Dr Rehman a pathan yet very soft with poor christian community. He was not ahmedi ,owner of our building. He had leased to PAF GHQ,which had moved to Peshawar from Karachi. All the 3 brothers worked for GHQ.The youngest sister was my mother in law.She passed away from myocardial infarction in 1990.My first newborn daughter was of 2 days .I was in St.Joseph Hospital downtown near lake.I stayed there for 8 days.I had some very painful complications. The oby was a white female doctor, who had fellow ship.She later moved to U.S .The govt had capped the income of them ti$ 4;00000,four hundred thousand dollars annually. I realized that doctors back home were angles with no greed.I felt Pakistani doctors are really heroes.
    The same year my sister in law got widow with 4 daughters.
    My husband and his younger brother
    Had bought a bungalow in 1988 after our marriage in GulshanRavi Lahore.He also bought a plot in defence or model Town with his younger brother. Both of them were in the middle East. My parents in law moved in that bunglow.He even sold his plot to his brother at cost prize.The money was used to make the upper story for the widow sister.His sister was a wife of a lawyer and biglandlord.They owned a
    Big house like hawailee.Only my husband and his brother,who now lives in USA own the house 50% each.In this house first their parents lived,followed by two wealthy widow sisters.His one other sister and one niece also lived there for free.Both are MashAllah rvwell off.One of them lives in Canada and one in USA.
    My husband and his bro are hero of their parents and family,but me and my sister in law Dawarani are villains to the family. My parents in law had given the 4 daughters a bungalow in Rabwah. I think that they had sold the House. One of her sister with 2 daughters still lives there. First on the nameplate of the bungalow was my name as Dr.shumaila which has been replaced with his dad name. My name was there to get the phone connection.
    My father says forget about it.

  9. @ Shumaila : please write an autobiography of yours as soon as you can, so we can read it & learn lessons.
    Toto baji is my bhabhi,by the way.

  10. Jazak,Allah(May Allah reward you) for the support and endorsement.

    I read a Hadith in International Alfazal that the Holy Prophet s.a.w(PBUH) said :

    The Person who stands for the support of the oppressed gets 70 doors of paradise opened for him on the day of Judgement.He can enter from any door that he desire,

    Holy Quran says:Co-operate with each other in the matters of righteousness and good deeds,but don’t help each other in enmity and evil deeds.

  11. The Promised Messiah says in a couplet:

    Allah is PURE and SUPER
    His Divine help does not support the Liars.Other wise

    The truthful would be embarrassed
    There would be no security and refuge.
    Durre Sameen Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.(peace be on him)

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