Qur’an lesson for today: Allah has not ordained any ‘Bahirah’ or ‘Sa’ibah’ or ‘Wasilah’ or ‘Hami’; but those who disbelieve forge a lie against Allah

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332. Commandment – Allah has not ordained any ‘Bahirah’ or ‘Sa’ibah’ or ‘Wasilah’ or ‘Hami’; but those who disbelieve forge a lie against Allah

[5:104] Allah has not ordained any ‘Bahirah’ or ‘Sa’ibah’ or ‘Wasilah’ or ‘Hami’; but those who disbelieve forge a lie against Allah, and most of them do not make use of their understanding.

Bahirah: A name given by pagan Arabs to a she-camel which had given birth to sevenyoung ones and was then let loose to feed freely after its ears were slit. It was dedicated to some god and its milk was not used nor its back.

Saibah: A she-camel let loose to water and pasture after giving birth to five young ones.

Wasilah: A she-camel (or an ewe or she-goat) let loose in the name of a god after she had given birth to seven female young ones consecutively. If at the seventh birth she bore a pair, male and female, these were also let loose.

Hami: A camel which had fathered seven young ones. It was let loose and was not used for riding or carrying. It was free to pasture and water.

After having stated that minor matters and details have been left to man to legislate as he thinks proper, the verse fittingly draws attention to the fact that such that such freedom and discretion are not allowed in fundamentals, because in fundamentals unanimity is essential and divergence of opinion may prove immensely harmful. The verse gives an illustration to show that human intellect cannot be trusted with making of the laws on fundamental matters. The Arabs used to let loose the animals mentioned in the verse in honour of their idols. Besides being based on disbelief and superstition, the practice was also highly foolish. The animals thus let loose wrought great havoc wherever they went. The Quran refers to this evil practice as an example of man-made laws and warns Christians who question the wisdom of a revealed Law to learn a lesson from the morally degrading practices to which the pagan Arabs had resorted because they had no revealed Law to guide them.


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