Cold Lake mosque vandalized with words ‘Go Home’ – Restored by Canadians COLD LAKE – COLD LAKE, AB — Non-Muslim Cold Lake citizens are rallying around their Muslim neighbours after the local mosque was vandalized in this northern military town.


Both front windows of the Cold Lake Mosque were broken and the words “go home” and “Canada” were spray-painted in red on the outside of the building sometime Thursday night.

“The writing hurts. This is my home, this is our home. This is the only home we have. Cold Lake is our home. Canada is our home,” said mosque member Mahmoud El-Kadri, who discovered the vandalism about 6 a.m. Friday when he arrived to pray.

A steady stream of business leaders and citizens came in through the front door of the mosque Friday offering support. Members of the mosque later gathered posters, flowers and gifts from the community and displayed them by the windows that were smashed.

A group of citizens then came together to clean up and cover the graffiti that had been painted on the mosque.


Marilyn Maclain-Harvie was one of the first to arrive with a can of graffiti remover.

“I saw it on Facebook at work,” she said.


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